AWE Institute was formed to fulfill a dream of great transformation and new possibilities to create a world of A.W.E. - Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment.

This is a global dream that affects all life, from the starving children in the poorest countries, to you and me, who have Internet access, the ability to read and our basic needs met. This is a dream about human potential, healing, regeneration and rebirth.

AWE Institute’s mission is to reawaken our appreciation of the magnificent beauty of our planet and the potential of humankind to rise to an equal magnificence and beauty by creating a world of A.W.E. – Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment.  A world that is peaceful, just, and loving inhabited by humans that are environmentally conscious and socially responsible stewards of regeneration that create an abundant planet for this and future generations.

Our scientists have mathematically proven that we live in a universe of infinite possibilities, yet we spend so much of our time, vision, resources and energy problem- solving to preserve the status quo.  We too often engage in "fighting against" challenges rather than embracing our challenges to create a new world that serves humanity and the planet. 

Rather than "ending poverty" we can "create a world of abundance."  Rather than "fighting disease" we can "create a world of wellness."  And rather than "warring against terror" we can bring forth enlightenment that shines so bright that the darkness of war, killing, prejudice, fear, hatred, greed and injustice dissolves into the light of unity consciousness creating a world that is loving, creative, harmonious, generous and beautiful.

There are real possibilities for creating a new paradigm and a better world.  The current economy of oil, extraction, the industrialized war machine and manufacturing, shipping and retailing of “stuff,”  will be dwarfed by the economy of restoration, regeneration, abundance, wellness, goodness, information, and transformation.

We are all participants in a Global Human Agreement (‘GHA”) that affects our beliefs, emotions and behaviors.  We each have an amazing power to influence the GHA and create new world.  However, the majority of humankind has forgotten that they hold this power and have instead accepted a world full of war, destruction, toxicity, poverty, disease and injustice as "reality."

It is time to change our GHA and create a new reality that works for all life on this planet. By joining together, we can change our current world “reality" into a shared future that is abundant, well and enlightened.  A world that is  regenerative, environmentally conscious, socially responsible, loving, harmonious and just.

To manifest these possibilities will take a combination of social, economic, technological and political transformation. This transformation includes 

  • Developing “Regenerative Communities” that provide a local, secure and safe supply of water, food, power, waste upcycling/reuse/recycling and building materials.  Localizing, and providing for, the basic needs of a community alleviates poverty, hunger, wealth disparity and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Deploying living systems and clean technologies including energy efficiency, renewable energy, bio-materials, bio-fuels, waste-to-energy & materials, water purification & conservation, waste up cycling, reuse & recycling.
  • Large scale conservation, restoration and regeneration activities such as toxic clean up, reforestation, watershed renewal and permaculture farming 
  • Whole systems dynamics applied to new economics, industrial activities and policy-making including new qualitative metrics of success such as true cost accounting and triple bottom line rather than GDP and profit
  • Focusing healthcare on optimal wellness & prevention versus treating disease (e.g., killing, cutting, removing, poisoning, irradiating, medicating).
  • Applied education systems that teach skills to create a sustainable world such as green jobs, information technology, automation, renewable energy, water, sustainable agriculture, preservation of earth wisdom, whole systems/biomimicry, biotech and community building.

Rather than fixing the current system or trying to rebel against it, this dream can be realized by building a new paradigm that is so superior to our existing system that it is rendered obsolete.  This can be accomplished as follows:


1.  Shift our beliefs.  We are each powerful creators responsible for the world we live in. 


2.  Create new metrics and agreements that redefine a success.  GDP, growth and profitability do not define or embrace quality of life.  In fact, the adoption of these metrics as our driving navigation often lead to destruction of people and planet.  New metrics include True Cost Accounting, the health of people and planet and the balancing of needs with resources to create greater happiness, wealth and freedom.


3.  Transform the way we live by creating a regenerative, restorative, innovative and information economy.  This economy included building regenerative, self sustaining local communities that interconnect with the global community to share information, resources, innovation and ideas that foster an economy of goodness.


This collective dream for a better world is far bigger than any one of us and needs each of us to fulfill it.  If this is your dream, let’s share the dream. By giving ourselves to the dream and allowing the dream to shift our beliefs and behaviors, we can realize the dream together.


For the benefit of humankind and planet, let us come together and pool our talent, our resources and our collective power to create the world we want to see.