We feel the videos posted on this site are inspirational, motivational and/or eye-opening.  We desire to share them with you in hopes that you will be inspired, touched and motivated to become the change you want to see in the world. If you are aware of a video that would contribute to this purpose and would like it evaluated for posting on this website please contact us Please click on the below links to view videos.

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AWE  - Videos on the subjects of Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment to enrich, inspire, transform, improve and vitalize your life! 

Abundance - Learn the principles of true abundance, and how to live abundantly without harm or offense to the planet and humankind.

Wellness - The new paradigm of health, well-being and vitality is based upon the acronym M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E.  These videos are on the subjects of Meditation, Exercise, Diet and Nutrition, Internal Cleansing, Conscious Monitoring and Optimizing  States of Being, Integrated and Whole Systems Medicine, Natural and  Environment Wellness and Energetic and D.N.A. Activation.

Enlightenment - Enlightenment is a state of non-dualistic consciousness that is always present.  It is not a goal to be obtained, yet so many seek the illusion of experiencing and possessing non-dualistic enlightenment in the dualistic subject-object based form of human self.  These videos explore enlightenment in the highest form of consciousness as well as the more functional form which is consciousness of oneness, interconnectedness, flow, mindfulness, equanimity, respect, harmony, peace and love.

Gaia  - Gaia is the Greek goddess personifying Mother Earth.  These videos take us on journey of our beautiful planet and how giving and abundant Mother Earth is, yet how fragile her ecosystems are to human intervention.  It is the hope of AWE Institute that these videos will inspire us to step into our role stewards and servants of this amazing and abundant planet rather than thieves and destroyers of the planet.  The planet will continue without humankind, just like , so let us not be so arrogant think we can save the planet 

Behind the Curtain – Pulling back the veils of illusion to see who is really running the world.  These videos expose the corruption and hypocrisy of the central bank, corporations, governments, religions and shadow organizations and the use of mind control, deception, war, economics and politics in an attempt to dominate humankind and control the natural resources of the world.  If, however, we use central banking currency, credit cards, fill our tanks with gas, invest in stock expecting high returns, buy frivolous “stuff” and are not ecologically conscious, we are participants in this system and are directly responsible for perpetuating the destruction, war, toxicity and injustice of the system.

Communities – It is clear that our current governments, economic systems and metrics of success that govern the beliefs and behaviors of modern society are unsustainable and failing.  New paradigm communities based upon ecology, sharing, cooperation and inclusivity will become a major influence in changing the way we live.  From the Damanhur, Auroville, Mondragon, Findhorn to the Kibbutzim of Israel, these videos provide information on the successes, joys, challenges and experiences of intentional and sustainable communities.   Most of these communities are living experiments in human/earth interaction and provide many lessons for building a better world. 

Extraordinary Deeds and Miracles – Form incredible acts of love, kindness, courage and forgiveness and extraordinary physical feats that defy what we have been taught is possible to miracles, these videos inspire us to new possibilities of achievement and living.