Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Your AWE Institute Account. For some activities on AWE Institute, like participating in the community, uploading Content, including without limitation, videos, audio, blogs photos, text, posting comments, you need a AWE Institute Account. We ask for some personal information when you create an account, including your email address and a password, which is used to protect your account from unauthorized access.  The personal information is to provide you and other members of AWE Institute with a more rich and rewarding experience.

Usage Information. When you use AWE Institute, we may record information about your usage of the site, such as the channels, groups and favorites you subscribe to, which other users you communicate with, the videos you watch, the frequency and size of data transfers, and information you display about yourself as well as information you click on in AWE Institute.  If you are logged in, we may associate that information with your AWE Institute Account.  In order to ensure the quality of our service to you, we may place a tag (also called a "web beacon") in HTML-based customer support emails or other communications with you in order to confirm delivery.

Content Uploaded to Site. Any personal information, content or communications you disclose online may be viewed, collected and used by others.  We utilize third party application and service providers for some of our functionality, such as Ning for our CAWEmmunity, who may have their own privacy policies that we do not control.


If you submit personal information to AWE Institute, we may use that information to operate, maintain and improve the features and functionality of AWE Institute, and to process any flagging activity or other communication you send to us.   We do not use your email address or other personal information to send commercial or marketing messages without your consent. We may use your email address without further consent for non-marketing or administrative purposes (such as notifying you of AWE Institute changes, updates or for customer service purposes).   It is the intent of AWE Institute to support its offerings to you through revenue models that include advertising, sponsorship, networking, bundling, subscription and premium purchases of services and products.  We will not sell your information to non-affiliated third parties, but may use the information in connection with providing you a more relevant and personalized experience on AWE Institute and to enhancing our ability to generate income for our offerings.


We use cookies, web beacons, and log file information to: (a) store information so that you will not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you visit AWE Institute; (b) provide custom, personalized content and information; (c) monitor the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns; (d) monitor aggregate metrics such as total number of visitors and pages viewed; and (e) track your entries, submissions, and status in promotions, sweepstakes, and contests.

Information That is Publicly Available

There is certain information that is required for you to become a member of AWE Institute and other information is optional. When you create an AWE Institute Account, information about your AWE Institute Account and your account activity will be provided to other users of AWE Institute.  This may include the date you opened your AWE Institute Account, the date you last logged into your AWE Institute Account, your gender, your relationship status, your age, your interests, your Content, your geographic location, and such other information you want to share or publish on AWE Institute.  Other users can contact you by leaving a message or comment on the site or through you publishing your preferred method of contact.  Any information or Content that you submit to AWE Institute may be redistributed through the internet and other media channels, and may be viewed by other AWE Institute users or the general public. If you choose to add information, media or features (“Content”) to your AWE Institute Account page, then these features and your activity associated with these features will be displayed to other users and may be aggregated and shared with your friends or other users. Such shared activity may include your favorite videos, videos you rated and videos that you have uploaded.

Your Choices

If you have an AWE Institute Account, you may update or correct your personal profile information, email preferences and privacy settings at any time by visiting your [insert URL for profile page]

You may control the information that is available to other users and your confirmed friends at any time by editing your AWE Institute Account.  If you have enabled Active Sharing, other users may see that you, as identified by your account name and your current activities on the site.

You may, of course, decline to submit some personal information through AWE Institute, and so long as you provide the required information, you can become a member in AWE Institute.

Advertising on AWE Institute

AWE Institute strives to provide you with relevant and useful information, news, connections and advertising and in connection therewith we may use your information in conjunction with our internal advertising and communications or with third party providers, ad serving systems, syndicators and others who utilize proprietary methods of tracking and delivering information to AWE Institute and its members. We may use a range of information including cookies, web beacons, IP addresses, usage data and other non-personal information about your computer or device (such as browser type and operating system) to provide you with relevant advertising and information and Content.


We may use ad management and service applications.  Advertisers may serve ads based on interests associated with non-personally identifiable online activity, such as profile information, information viewed, and frequency of activity. This non-personally identifiable information is held separately from your AWE Institute Account data, or other personally identifying information in our possession.  AWE Institute does not provide any personal information directly to non-affiliated third-parties or ad servers or ad networks without your consent.  Our affiliated applications and service providers maintain their own respective privacy policies.  AWE Institute's privacy policy does not apply to, and we cannot control the activities of, such other advertisers, applications or service providers or web sites. Any data obtained by third-party ad servers subsequently shared with AWE Institute is maintained and dealt with by AWE Institute in accordance with this privacy policy.

More Information

AWE Institute adheres to the US Safe Harbor privacy principles. For more information about the Safe Harbor framework or our registration, see the Department of Commerce's web site